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Ethical Skincare on Asos | MadeUpStyle

I’ve never really paid much attention to skincare, until recently…

I’ve been a Simple Face Wipe kinda girl for the past 10 years. But, if you saw my recent beauty post you’ll know I made the switch to reusable face pads at the beginning of the year. And since then, I’ve not looked back.

Along with switching up my routine to help the environment, I’ve started to look into products that will benefit my skin as well as the planet. I’m heading into my late 20’s now, so I thought it’s about time I paid more attention to my skin. And hey, if I can be a little kinder to the planet along the way, why not.

Where to start?

After a little googling and one too many Caroline Hirons videos, I headed to Asos in search of ethical skincare. You know what? I was impressed with the results. If you didn’t already know, Asos now stock a wide variety of beauty brands as well as fashion. I’ve talked about how much I love Asos’s Eco Edit before, so I was excited to see what I could find in terms of skincare on there too.

Here’s 5 ethical skincare brands I found on Asos, and my impressions after a few weeks using their products…

Shea Moisture - Ethical Skincare on Asos | MadeUpStyle

Yes To

This skincare band is all about doing good. From using natural ingredients, to donating products to the homeless, they’re really trying to make a difference.

I was looking for a cleansing balm so picked up their coconut balm for under £9.99. Total bargain! I love how it removes make-up gently and leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth. It’s worth noting Yes To are cruelty-free and vegan, with only a few products using honey or bees-wax.


Pixi are a London based beauty brand that are proudly cruelty-free, budget friendly and many of their products are vegan. I recently added their popular Glow Tonic for £10 to my basket, after reading some positive reviews.

I’ve been using this acid based toner morning and night after cleansing for the past few weeks. It’s a little early to see big results but my skin feels clearer and more even after just a few weeks.

The Ordinary - Ethical Skincare on Asos | MadeUpStyle

The Ordinary

At first sight, The Ordinary can look a little over whelming. But don’t let the clinical packaging and wording put you off, this ethical skincare brand is well worth reading into. Check out their website for easy to understand guides about each product.

After watching this video I decided to start off with a simple vitamin C serum. I’ve been using it after toning morning and night and loving the glow it’s giving my skin.

Most of The Ordinary products are vegan including this serum and the brand is cruelty-free. Plus their stylish glass bottles are recyclable!

Sister & Co

Sister & Co are another British based ethical skincare brand stocked on Asos. They focus on minimal and natural ingredients for healthy, glowing skin.

In Winter, I go through lip balms like there’s not stopping me. I wanted to find a sustainable option to my usual plastic tubed one and decided to try their Raw Coconut Lip Balm. I only need a small amount each time to relieve my dry lips and it comes in a small glass pot. Perfect!

Shea Moisture

When it comes to body moisturiser, I’ve stuck with the same product for a while. When my usual tube ran out recently, I decided to look for a more ethical alternative. Shea Moisture comes in a large tub and spreads easily, meaning I won’t need to replenish as much, creating less waste. This brand is also cruelty-free and many of it’s products are vegan

Sister and Co Lip Tonic - Ethical Skincare on Asos | MadeUpStyle
Ethical Skincare on Asos | MadeUpStyle

A note on shopping online

Creating a more sustainable life is an on going mission for me. Although I’m making some positive changes in my life, I’m aware there’s so much more I can do.

I know online shopping for ethical brands can seem a bit of a contrary to some. What about the carbon emissions produced to ship my order? With everything I try to look at it holistically. I live in a small village about 50 minutes from a city centre. So for me shopping online is the best option.

I try to bare in mind where my products are coming from. By shopping from the UK where possible and grouping products together in one order. This is why I find companies like Asos and Look Fantastic super useful. They stock a wide range of brands and ship them together. Saving on carbon emissons and packaging. I’d love to chat more on this topic, let me know if you would like to know more about how I shop online ethically.


I’m pretty impressed with how much ethical skincare I could find on Asos, and these were all within budget. I managed to get all these products for under £50, that’s nearly a full skincare routine!

Have you ever bought skincare off Asos? Where’s your favourite place to shop ethical skincare?

Anna x


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