5 Reasons to Smile this Winter | Beating the January Blues

Happy new year guys!

Ok, I think I’m a little late to the party but January seemed to sneak up on me this year, and I’ve been feeling totally unorganised after all that festive fun. Never the less, having a chilled out weekend at home has really helped me focus and I am starting to get back on track. If like me you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at the start of this new year, what with the high of Christmas being over and having to head back to work, I’ve got something for you to look forward to. I thought I would kick the year off with a positive post about why January isn’t that bad after all and a few tips to help banish the winter blues.

New beginnings

The festive period maybe over but the one thing I love about January is it’s a great chance to start over. Whether it’s a kick start on healthy eating, reading more or a career change it’s a chance to make a fresh start after the Christmas chaos. Why not use the beginning of the new year as an opportunity to really throw yourself into that one thing you have been meaning to start?! Not only can a new challenge be a great distraction from the cold, miserable weather outside but chances are there will be plenty more people thinking along the same lines meaning you’ll have plenty of encouragement. There are groups and hashtags such as Veganuary and Dry January all dedicated to starting a fresh new challenge. So why not take advantage of that?

Get cosy

With the short days and dark nights there is nothing better than staying in and getting cosy around this time of year. Not only is it a great excuse to save a bit of money after Christmas but I really see no need to venture outside when TV is so good in the winter months. (It’s like they know!) Although I hate coming home from work in the dark, let’s look on the positive side, at least I have an excuse to put my dressing gown on as soon as I get in because it’s practically bedtime right?! It can be easy to focus on the negative in January but there are so many things I love about these winter months. I am going to make the most of snuggling up in my favourite socks, lighting candles, sipping steaming cups of tea and running delicious, hot baths before spring comes around. Which leads me onto my next positive thought to hold onto…

It can only get lighter…

Yep, we made it past the shortest day, which means in January and February we can start to look forward to lighter days. The lack of sunshine in winter months really seems to effect my moods so knowing that the worst is over is super uplifting.

Winter weather

It may have it’s off days but man when winter gets the weather right is does a pretty fine job of a beautiful day. There is nothing better than getting your wellies on for a Sunday stomp to the pub on days when the sun is shining but your nose is freezing and you can see your breath. Perfect! I live for days like that during the first few months of the year. They warm my heart and do wanders for my mood. Oh, who can forget the snow?! Fingers crossed we have the usual late flurry in mid February to look forward to. Nothing like a bit of snow to make you rediscover your inner child, eh?

Get planning

With a whole year spanning out in front of us, January is the perfect time to start planning. Grab your new diary and fill it with wonderful new adventures to look forward to in the coming year. I can’t resit hatching up a new plan or booking an exciting trip in January, there’s just something so thrilling about having a brand new year ready and waiting for you. Where will you go?

There you have it, a few little reasons to smile during Jan!

If you are looking for a little more inspiration, here are my top three hashtags to follow on Instagram for a some positive vibes this January:

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