How to Live a Little More Hygge in 2017

Hygge is the the new lifestyle trend that is enchanting the nation this winter. 

Pronounced Hoo-gah, the word originates from the Danish, who use it to describe an appreciation for those little things in life that make the soul smile. It might be the feeling of putting on a warm pair of socks on a winters day or that steaming cup of tea in the morning, Hygge encourages you to stop and take pleasure in those precious moments in everyday life. I love the idea that a little positive thinking and taking the time to slow down can transform your day, and the Hygge way of living helps. 

The Danish often use it most in the wintertime to shine a bit of light on those long dark days, using these moments to lift spirits. I know all too well the effects the weather can have on my mood so welcome a optimistic way of thinking during the darker times. January can be a long, cold month but here are some small steps we can all take to welcome a more hygge way of living this year.

Slow Down

Modern life can be full on. We all have jobs, hobbies, goals, ambitions that fill our time and can sometimes blinker our vision of life. Start by taking a moment to stop thinking about modern day stresses and breath. Appreciate your self and be grateful for that calm moment. It sounds cheesy I know but I often look back and think ‘where did that week go?’ as I’ve been so busy rushing around to be thankful for the things that have happened. Chose a moment every day when your world is quiet, there are no distractions and your feel comfortable and safe to reflect on your self and surroundings. For me, my morning cup of tea is my savoir, the world is calm and I can have a moment to think. Each day, count five things you’re grateful for and watch how your mood improves by this little change. You’ll become less hung up of those small annoyances during the day and instead look back with a positive mind.

Find Pleasure in the Small Things

Small pleasures make a big difference to our moods, so relish in the simple things that make you happy without feeling guilty. I am a sucker for candles and why not, if they make me happy?! The simple act of lighting a candle and enjoying it’s delicate smell makes me feel at peace. There is something wonderful about surrounding yourself with the things you love. Whether it’s indulging in a hot bath or a buying fresh bunch of flowers, don’t be afraid to treat yourself if it makes you smile.

Invest in Your Friends

Surround yourself with people you love rather than objects, collect moments rather than objects. This is one thing I want to concentrate more on this year, I get so focused on likes, blog views and material things sometimes that I forget that those who make me feel better than any of these things are sitting right beside me. If you are the same, take a few hours each week to see a loved one or friend, forget your phones, catch up, laugh and reminisce, it does wonders for the soul. 

Look Up

I swear by getting outside to lift any mood. Something about fresh air and sunlight that can make you feel instantly revived. The hygge life is all about seeking pleasure in ordinary things and we can often forget how beautiful the world is in our busy commute. Be sure to set aside a moment on your walk to work to look up and see nature in a new light. This will help clear your head and put things into persective. 

So I think I’m liking the hygge way of life. It’s important to remind ourselves what life is really about sometimes and these little steps can help bring us back down to earth every now and then. Winter can be especially challenging on our wellbeing so I welcome any way to relieve the stress of the world. So why not give it a go and see how it makes you feel. New year, new you after all?!

How are you embracing the hygge way of thinking?




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