Interior Design on a Budget | How to make your home look expensive without spending a fortune

I felt my house needed a little interior refresh
after the festive period, it was looking a bit dull recently and in need of a design
revamp. We all know funds can be low in January, so it got me thinking how I
can give my home a budget makeover without spending much at all. Here are a few of my
tips and tricks for making your house look like its had an expensive makeover without spending a fortune.

It all started with this lamp I found in Aldi at the bargain
price of £19.99. It is the perfect mix of industrial luxury with a marble base
and copper piping making it look far more expensive than it is. Items like this
are well worth looking out for, not only are they a great statement piece on
their own but can be an easy way to create a theme within a room. Metallic
colours such as copper or gold feel decadent, and can create a luxurious
atmosphere. Try using accessories with similar colour around the room to tie
the theme together and draw your eye back to that feature lamp.

Clock:, £29 

When shopping for new additions to refresh a room take
photos of items you like in store or online. Even if they are out of your price
range, you can save the idea and then search for a cheaper alternative at a
later date. We loved the idea of a ladder shelf and had seen pricey ones in John
Lewis and Loaf. After a little searching on online we found a cheaper version at
Argos for a fraction of the cost. It was great quality and looked just like
those we had seen, we even cut costs down on delivery by choosing the click and
collect option and picked it up from the store in town. 

When it comes to
searching online, it can take a little patience and practice to bag yourself a
bargain. Sites like Ebay and Etsy are gold mines for bargain homewares and
unique finds. If you have something specific in mind try searching for it with
various different search terms, as it could be listed under different wording
depending on the country it is coming from. For example ladder ‘shelf’ could
give up different searches to ‘bookcase’ or ‘shelving unit’. Same with printed
cushion, try patterned pillow if you can’t find want you are looking for. Etsy
is great for getting lost in a lust worthy homeware search. You can switch to
just UK sellers too to keep delivery and shipping costs low.

things to boards on Pinterest to get a feel for what you like and the key items
to create a statement in a room. Search terms like hygge, cosy and nordic for
loads of inspirational images of rooms that are simply styled with textures and
accessories. You don’t have to spend much to add a lot to you house. Large
object such as sofas are expensive to change and often have to last a while, so
as not to get bored of them try changing up what is on or around them. Small
updates can make a big difference, I love mixing textures and tonal colours to make a
space visually appealing. 

simple reshuffle of objects can often be enough to breath a little life back
into your home. Your mind stops noticing everyday objects after a while, so
move your favourite candle around and fall back in love with it. I find if I am
getting bored of a room, just switching throws or cushions from another room
makes it feel like new again. No matter what your budget, with a little love
and attention you can make a house feel like a home again.

do you make a house feel expensive without blowing your budget? Leave a comment
below or tweet me!


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  1. August 3, 2017 / 8:38 am

    Surprisingly, decluttering does wonders. Just more visual empty space makes you focus on those key pieces you have in a room.

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