DIY | Snowball Fairy Light Garland #MadeUpFestive

DIY Snowball Fairy Lights using ping pong balls

Welcome to day 4 of my #12daysof DIY challenge!

Thanks for sticking around guys, I hope you are enjoying the challenge! So far we’ve had lots of fun embellishing jumpers, jazzing up earrings and making our own paper garlands, but today I am showing you how to add a little extra festive cheer to some old fairy lights. This one is another quick one, all you need is some ping pong balls, a scalpel or knife and a string of fairy lights. Here’s how I made my snowball fairy light garland…

DIY Snowball Fairy Lights using ping pong balls - materials used

Fairy lights, Primark

Ping pong balls, Ebay

Scalpel, Homebase

I started by securing one of my ping pong balls down to the table with some white tac, to make sure it wouldn’t slip about when cutting it. Then I grabbed my scalpel and cut into it making a small X shape on one side. I found that I was able to cut certain parts of the ball better than others, for example there was a hard ‘seam’ running around the inside of the ball which made it difficult to cut along. I held each one up to the light to see where this seam was before cutting and avoided it in that area.

Once I had made my cut I inserted one of the fairy lights bulbs into the gap. The X shape of the cut stops the bulb from slipping out easily and helps hold it in place. I carried on cutting holes in the rest of the ping pong balls and placed then on every other fairy light on my string of lights.

DIY Snowball Fairy Lights using ping pong balls - step by step

DIY Snowball Fairy Lights using ping pong balls - close up ping pong

Simple right?

I had to play around with the size of the cut before I was happy and the fairy light fitted comfortably, so don’t worry if you don’t get it first time. I am really pleased with how these lights turned out, and how simple they were to make! Who knew those old ping pong balls could make something look so pretty!

I have put my lights around my fireplace along with a leafy garland I picked up from my local florist a few years back. The lights give off such a soft, warming glow with the added ping pong balls attached, much less harsh and intense then just having the bulbs exposed. I love how they look like mini snowballs sat on my fireplace.

DIY Snowball Fairy Lights using ping pong balls - on the fire place

DIY Snowball Fairy Lights using ping pong balls - on the fireplace front

DIY Snowball Fairy Lights using ping pong balls - view of the fireplace

DIY Snowball Fairy Lights using ping pong balls - side view

Thanks for stopping by for day 4 of my #12daysofDIY challenge.

If you didn’t know already, I am using this challenge to help raise awareness and money for Shelter, an amazing charity that helps people who are homeless or living in poor and unsafe housing conditions. Christmas can be a cold and lonely time of year for thousands of people and I wanted to help in a small way this year. If you have enjoyed reading any of my posts, and would like to help, you can support Shelter by sharing, commenting or donating below.

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Thank you again, and see you tomorrow for another DIY post!

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  1. December 4, 2017 / 9:33 am

    Love this idea. It’s simple and a lot of decorative fairy lights work like this anyway!

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