DIY | Scandinavian Faux Fur Stocking #MadeUpFestive

DIY Faux Fur Christmas Stocking

Hello Day 5!!

Welcome to day 5 of my #MadeUpFestive challenge! I’ve got a very cosy DIY for you today, so get your favourite fluffy socks on, grab a mug of something warm, sit back and enjoy!

Here’s how I made my DIY faux fur Christmas stocking…

I have had this material lying around for a few months, I bought it to make cushions for our dining room bench but never got round to it, so thought I’d try making a cosy nordic stocking with it instead! I love how it has faux fur on one side and a smooth suede like fabric on the other. You can pick this kind of material up from eBay or your local fabric shop for around £20 a meter, not the cheapest but you can get two large stockings out of this which brings the cost down.

DIY Faux Fur Christmas Stocking - materials used

DIY Faux Fur Christmas Stocking - cutting out the fabric

DIY Faux Fur Christmas Stocking - folding over the fur

What I used:

Faux fur/suede fabric, 1 meter, Oakmount Mill, Burnley

Sewing machine, thread and pins


Pom poms

To start making my stocking I made a template out of a large piece of card by drawing around an old stocking we had in the loft and cutting it out. I folded the fabric in half with the furry side facing in and cut out two layers of stocking shapes. Keeping them together I sewed a seam of around 1.5 cm all the way around, leaving the top open and allowing a 15 cm over turn. After that I turned the top cuff over to reveal the furry side, and used a hot glue gun to secure the over lap in place. You can use any fabric glue for this or even hand sew it, I found a glue gun worked best for me as my material was pretty thick.

DIY Faux Fur Christmas Stocking - step by step

DIY Faux Fur Christmas Stocking - pom poms

You can decorate your stocking anyway you like, I chose to add a few handmade pompoms to give it an extra Nordic charm. To finish off my stocking, I glued the pom poms in place and added a bit of sting to the top so I could hang it up easily.

I love the raw hem effect on my stocking, usually I would turn it inside out to avoid showing the hem, but it looks great using this material! I still have a bit left so I might try making one the other way around, with the suede on the inside and the faux fur facing out. I think that would look really cool, especially as a pair together.

DIY Faux Fur Christmas Stocking - full length

All that’s left to do is hang my stocking on the fireplace and wait for the big day!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s make! I certainly did making it! I love getting my sewing machine out every now and then, what have you been making over the weekend?

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Thank you again, and Ill see you again for tomorrows post!

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