DIY Paper Star Garland #MadeUpFestive

DIY Christmas Tissue Paper Star Garland

Bored of tinsel?

Why not try making this festive star garland to decorate your tree instead? This tutorial is another super easy one and only takes a few minutes, not to mention it costs next to nothing to make. All you need is your favourite metallic tissue paper, a sewing machine and some scissors.

Here’s how I did it…

DIY Christmas Tissue Paper Star Garland - materials used

DIY Christmas Tissue Paper Star Garland - cutting out the star

DIY Christmas Tissue Paper Star Garland - sewing the star

I picked up some gold fiber tissue paper from WHSmith for this project as I thought it would be a little more substantial than thinner paper, but you can use anything from felt to wrapping paper for this. I made myself a few star templates from card, one large and one small then used these to cut out the shapes from the tissue.

Top tip: Why not print out a star shape from Google to create your own template?

Once I had enough stars cut out of tissue, I switched on my sewing machine and chose my thread. To start I pulled some of the thread through to create a length which I could use to hang my garland with. I then fed my first star through the machine, running a straight stitch right across the middle of one star. Once I reached the end of the star I carried on running the stitch whilst pulling the star to create a thread around 3 to 5 cm long, before feeding in my next star. I found it got easier to pull the thread through once I had a few stars on the garland.

I continued adding stars until I had ran out and my garland was around one meter long, I then ran some extra thread off at the end which I could use to tie it up with.

DIY Christmas Tissue Paper Star Garland -finished garland

DIY Christmas Tissue Paper Star Garland - close up

How quick was that?

All that’s left to do is to decorate your tree, fireplace or bedroom shelf with your very own handmade garland! You can use a little bit of white tac to secure the ends in place or just tie each end around a branch and let your garland hang. I love how this tissue paper is slightly see through, meaning it looks even more magical hung in front of twinkling fairy lights.

Why not create two tone stars by sewing two colours together and twisting alternate the stars around to reveal different colours?

DIY Christmas Tissue Paper Star Garland

DIY Christmas Tissue Paper Star Garland - on the tree

DIY Christmas Tissue Paper Star Garland - close up on tree

I hope you have enjoyed this simple decoration idea for day 2 of #12DaysofDIY. It’s one of my favourite things to make during the festive season as it’s so quick but looks amazing anywhere in the house. I’ve made another for my bedroom as it’s perfect if you don’t want to go all out festive in certain rooms.

Want to make a difference this winter?

During these 12 days of DIY I am posting a tutorial everyday to help raise awareness for and support Shelter. Read why I am fundraising for Shelter this winter here, or if you would like to donate click here.

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