A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Getting Healthy

we are well into 2016 now and hands up who has already broken their new years


me too!

was your standard ‘exercise more & get healthy’ resolution and after a keen
first week or so of stretching every morning and gym most nights, this past
week has seen me eating out a lot and exercise has taken a back seat.

as we enter February, I have put together a little motivational guide with some
tips on how to get back into the fitness swing. I am by no means a fitness
expert (give me a sofa and my pj’s over a treadmill and trainers any day) so
these are just a few tricks I am using to help me stay on track this 2016.

small steps…

gym isn’t my fave place in the world but recently I have been setting myself
little goals each time I go to make it more exciting (if that’s possible).

want to run further and build my stamina this year so I have been adding on 5
minutes to my run each time, I feel great if I can do it but even just equaling
last times goal is an achievement and better than nothing, right?! If like me,
you get bored in the gym easily setting yourself little goals or adding small
times on equipment can keep you interested and gives you a real sense of reward
afterwards. Having a friend to go to the gym with can really help too, so grab
a gym buddy and motivate each other to go no matter how tired you feel after


some classes…

really like fitness classes and find booking onto them a week in advance great
motivation to go. Spin is hell when I am there but at least I got myself
through the door, by booking it the week before and actively fitting it into my
day. I have been packing my gym stuff and getting changed before I leave work
at night which means I can’t talk myself out of it on the drive home, (which
happens far too often). Classes are great if you need group encouragement, you
are less likely to drop out and the hour flies by when you are there.

the sweet tooth…

I have a major sweet tooth, I’ll take pudding over a main meal any day, so
trying to cut out bad sugars has been hard. My trick is to just not buy them.
Sounds simple but since moving out into my own house it has gotten easier to
control what I eat and I have made a conscious effort not to buy any treats
especially biscuits. Removing temptation helps but I still get the 8pm munchies
and craving for something sweet.

is my saviour, I have been fooling myself into cutting out refined sugar but
replacing it with fruit and nut butters. Still sweet but a lot more healthier.
I have been swapping ice cream for frozen bananas and raspberries blended into
a creamy sorbet, and biscuits with peanut butter spread over a rice cake… ok
not quite the same and a little more effort but completely guilt free.

a little everyday…

something little each day can add up and really make a difference, even if you
don’t notice it straight away. I am trying to actively add in some stretches to
morning routine, which is making me feel a lot more flexible, but it is so easy
for life to get in the way. I find a little trick is not to be too hard on
myself and just do them when I remember. So even if it gets to 9 pm on a
Tuesday night and I haven’t done anything all day I’ll try not to rule that day
out by doing 10 squats, 10 lunges and 10 sit ups. It’s really easy and quick,
then I can go back to blogging or watching gossip girl repeats feeling a little
less guilty.

but not least, don’t beat yourself up…

lesson I have learnt in the past month is not to be too hard on myself, some
days I really don’t feel up to going to the gym so will just do my own little
exercises at home and have a healthy meal, it’s all about moderation and small
positive changes that add up to the end goal.

hope this little post has inspired you and given you a little motivation with
you new years fitness goals!

for reading!




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