Spring Wardrobe Updates | Off The Shoulder Top tutorial (No Sew)

An off the shoulder top is this season’s must have fashion piece to be seen in. I made this simple, white version from an old shirt Tom no longer wore. 

If you fancy a little DIY this weekend follow these easy steps to make your own…

You will need: 

Old shirt

Elastic ( approx 2cm thick ) 


Fabric glue (or sewing machine)


(You can use either fabric glue or a sewing machine to make this top, I used strong fabric glue and and a sewing machine to finish off but a needle and thread or stapler work just as well too)

I wanted my top to be short sleeved making it ready for summer, so I cut off the sleeves around 10cm down from the shoulder.

To start measure up from the arm pit on both sides, to where you want the top to start, then add extra for the elastic allowance. Mine measured 12cm up from the arm pit in total. 

Mark and cut straight through the shirt.

To make the elastic top band, grab your elastic and measure around your shoulders without stretching it, cut to the right size with a 2 cm over lap. 

Turning your shirt inside out, place the elastic 2cm from the edge you just cut on the shirt.

You now need to make a small over lap above the elastic, so fold the extra 2cm over on itself so you are left with a 1cm edge. This will be where you place the glue. 

Fold the case over towards you, enclosing the elastic and so the small 1cm over lap meets the fabric just under the elastic like below.

You have now made a casing for the elastic. Do this all the way around the top and pin in place. 

I removed my elastic after this and ironed the fabric to create a crisp edge.

Glue under the over lap all the way around leaving a small gap on one side so you can thread the elastic back through. If you want to use a sewing machine for this part, sew close to the bottom edge and leave a small opening on one side. My glue was sealed with heat, so after I glued all the way around I ironed the edge again to make sure the fabric was secure.

Next you need to thread the elastic back into the case you just made and create the beautiful ruffled effect around the top. I clipped a strong safety pin through one end of the elastic to make it easier to feed through. Push the elastic through the small opening left in the case, and work all the way around until it comes out the other side.

This is the fiddly bit that takes a little time, but once the elastic is all the way through you can even out the pleats and check it fits before sealing the elastic. Glue isn’t strong enough to join the two elastic ends to each other, so I used a sewing machine for this bit but a staple or hand sewing work just as well.

All that is left is to seal up the small opening left where you joined the elastic and you are done!


I liked to wear mine with the buttons at the back and tucked into some high waisted jeans for a laid back Spring outfit. So why not grab an old shirt or head to a charity shop and get DIYing this weekend!

 I hope you have enjoyed the second part of my Spring Wardrobe Update series, I’m loving showing you ways to transform old winter clothes into summer ready garments! 

Thanks for reading!




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