5 Hobbies to Take Up this Lent

So lent starts tomorrow and you might be thinking what to give up for 40 days until Easter… 

A little like new years, I find it hard sticking to resolutions over lent especially when it involves restricting myself like cutting out sweets or ice cream. I believe in moderation and as long as your lifestyle is healthy and balanced there is nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while, right?

 So instead of ‘giving up’ this lent I want to ‘take up’, try a new craft and overall have a goal to aim for rather than ‘giving something up’. I know this goes against the message of lent but I wanted to do something positive and constructive over lent, growing my creative skills by learning something new. I have made a little list of suggestions for exciting new skills I want to try and take up. Over the 40 days I plan to make an effort to work on the skill every week and by the Easter I should have learnt a new skill and even improved in that short time. Having a time limit will be great motivation and Ill keep you guys updated on Twitter and Instagram with how I am doing!

If you fancy on joining me on my little challenge here are my suggestions and ideas for hobbies to take up this lent…

Embroidery & Needle craft 

I have wanted to learn this little craft for a while after seeing some amazing inspirational quotes sewn on hoops on Instagram. This craft is having a bit of a moment especially for interiors, the hoops are being used for wall art inspirations or quirky gifts more and more. 

For some major inspiration check out Thread Honey and  PixieCraft


Knitting is a really therapeutic and rewarding hobby, one you can sit in front of the telly with at night and produce something beautiful! I first started knitting at uni, and remember it took me a while to get the hang of, but after a little practice I was hooked! I have made scarves, gloves and hats since but would love to continue to expand my skills to more technical patterns. If you are thinking of taking up knitting it is best to start with a chunkier wool and larger needles until you get the hang of the stitches.

For beginner patterns and amazing wool check out Wool and the Gang 


By far my favourite hobby and soooo easy to learn! Crocheting is a little easier to pick up than knitting and I find your work ‘grows’ quicker too, so if you are impatient like me this is the craft for you! I find that I can make up patterns a lot easier with crocheting, so I can create something really unique. There is only one needle in crocheting as apposed to two in knitting, this makes it easier to pop in your bag and take anywhere. I am planning a how to crochet blog post coming very soon, so if you want to learn with me keep checking back!


Brush lettering 

In my last post I tried brushlettering for the first time and really loved it! It is such a beautiful craft and I would love to build my skills in this technique further. If you want to try it too follow my easy tips and advice for making brushlettering wall art here…


I have never tried this craft before but it looks amazing. It is a technique of knotting thicker yarns like rope or fabrics to create patterns. It first caught my eye on pinterest in the form of brightly coloured hanging basket DIY’s. 

For inspirations check out my Pinterest board…

I hope you have been inspired to take up a new hobby this lent, I can’t wait to get crafting. Although I want to try each and every one I am going to concentrate on embroidery and needlework over the next 40 days. I want to learn the basics, improve my skills and aim to produce a beautiful piece of art to hang on my wall. Ill keep you all posted over on my twitter and Instagram so don’t forget to follow!

Thanks for reading lovelies!

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