How to Crochet | The Basics – Chain Stitch | Part 1

If you follow me on social media, you might know I love a bit of crocheting. I started to learn a year or so ago after getting a little bored of knitting and wanted to create really pretty summer items instead. 

My mum taught me and I was surprised how quickly I was able to pick it up, crocheting is so easy!

I recently discovered Wool and the Gang, a London based company selling knitting and crocheting kits to make learning a new skill easy! I love their super chunky wool too, so bought some and thought I would show you some basic steps to get started. So if you want to learn to crochet grab some yarn and a hook and follow along… 

You will need:

A hook ( I got a 12mm)
Yarn ( I used crazy sexy wool in Purple Haze from Wool and the Gang )

 Top tip: When choosing yarn, look at the information on the packaging which will tell you what size hook to use. The hook size increases as the thickness of the yarn does. 

1. To start, make a loop in the yarn and pass another loop through it before pulling it tight to form your starting chain.

2. Place your hook into the loop. 

Always have the short end of the yarn in your right hand along with your hook and the rest of the yarn in your left hand, this this the direction you will work towards.

3. Working towards the left, wrap the yarn around the hook.

4. Pull the yarn through the first loop you made 


you have pulled the yarn through, this is your first chain stitch and should look like a V shape, repeat this
again until you have the desired amount of chains along your yarn.

Scroll down for a closer view of this process and easy to follow video.

Chain stitch is the base to any design, After this you turn and work back along the stitches in the design you want to crochet, usually double or treble stitch. In the second part of my Crochet Basics Ill show you how to work in double stitch, keep a look out!

I hope this little step by step has been helpful, let me know if you are learning and it has been useful to you.



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