How to Crochet | The Basics – Part 2 Double Crochet Stitch

For the second part of my ‘How To Crochet’ series, I am going to show you how to crochet in a double stitch. 

This is the most basic stitch to master to make any sort of crocheted garment or design. It is sometimes called single in American patterns, but I will be calling it double in this step by step.  

First you will need to master how to do a chain stitch, check out my first tutorial here if you want to learn to chain stitch. 

1. To start a double stitch insert your hook into the last loop of your chain and turn your work from your right hand to your left like this…

From this….

To this …

 Now you are ready to work your way along your chain stitch in the direction of your left arm. Hold the hook in your right hand and the yarn and chain in your left.

2. Pass the tip of the hook through the second V shaped chain from the hook. In the picture below this is where my thumb nail is. 

You do this because the first loop from the hook is the one the loop is already in and the yarn would just just slip out if you hooked it through this one.

You will now have two loops on your hook.

3 . Wrap the yarn around your hook end once, so it catches in the hook.

You will have 3 loops on your hook.

4. Pull that last loop back through the first two loops on the hook.

You will be left with one loop on the hook. 

And you have just made one double crochet stitch! 

 Simple right, so now repeat step 2 to 4 to create another stitch in the next chain stitch along. Scroll down for another quick run through and a slowed down video to help you see the process in more detail.

So, pass the hook through the next chain stitch.
You will have two loops on the hook.

Wrap around. You will have three loops on the hook.

Pass through the first two to leave one loop! 

Your work should start to look a little like this pattern…

To start another row of double crochet, turn your work by flipping it over from this …

To this…

And working back along the top line just as you did at the start. 

And you are done! 
I love using this stitch as it is really quick and simple and you can use it to create any number of designs, I use double crochet to make my summer bralet top check out how to make one here.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you are finding these little tutorials useful and easy to follow! I would love to see your creations so follow and tweet me @madeupstyle on twitter!

The next post will be showing you how to make a treble stitch which is a little more complicated but produces a lovely twisted stitch and is the most recognisable crochet stitch, so keep an eye out for that!

The wool I used in this tutorial is from the amazing Wool and the Gang, who not only sell beautiful yarn but simple, easy to follow packs to show you how to crochet or knit. Check them out for some lovely inspirations!

Happy crafting!




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