Easy Ways to Support your Favourite Content Creators

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed online at the moment. With so many platforms to upload onto, millions of people to follow and far too many options it has become information overload in the blogging world.

I used to love scrolling through Instagram, chatting to like-minded content creators and reading posts but recently it just feels like I’m chasing my tail. Anyone else? Grabbing time to read my favourite blog seems impossible as I find my self endlessly scrolling through my feed trying to catch up. I find my self missing content I actually want to see as my feed has become overloaded with people I can’t actually remember following. People that half the time, lets be honest, don’t make me feel great about myself. I want to get back to the way it was, I want to support the people that inspire me, support me and interest me.

So with that I’m slowing trying to streamline my online world, use my time more effectively and support the content creators that make me feel good in the online community. Here’s how I’m focusing on supporting my favourite content creators and my tips for seeing more of what you like online.

Engage your circle

Recently I have been really trying to slow down mindlessly scrolling on Instagram. Saving my time for when I can really concentrate on content. As a blogger I want people to engage with my content, chat, like and comment. So why am I not doing that myself? I have been taking more time to actually look, read and comment on like-minded content creators rather than rushing through my feed getting nowhere. Not only does this help my fellow bloggers out, it’s often reciprocated back. I’m being brave and un-following those who I can’t actually remember following or who are posting stuff I don’t want to see anymore.

Being more engaged in a smaller circle is more productive and rewarding than endless scrolling. Not to mention doing wonders for my mental health and positive mindset.

Fill your feed

The Instagram algorithm is a bugger, amiright? From ‘hiding’ post to deciding what you see and don’t see, it’s the baine of a bloggers online life. But there are ways around it to make it work for you.

If you spot a post from a content creator who you love but haven’t seen in a while, here’s an easy way to get them back into your feed. Click on their profile, like and comment on a few of their current posts and check out their stories. This will let the algorithm know you want to see more of this person. Make sure you keep liking or watching their stories every time you spot a post of theirs. Eventually they will become more regular in your feed. I’m slowing starting to fill my feed with inspirational women who I might have missed otherwise, using this technique. Saving their posts using the book mark tool also helps me remember them at a later date.

Tools to help you on twitter

Twitter is another kettle of fish. As it’s mainly in time order it’s a lot more authentic, but this means you can often miss something. I have recently discovered you can bookmark your favourite tweets to save for later. This is a game changer as before I was just favouriting posts to read later, and then struggle to find them again. Bookmarks mean I can scroll through those I have saved and read them when I have time. Again I’ll always like, share or comment if the post after reading if it’s been helpful or I think my audience would enjoy it too.

‘Twitter Lists’ is a great tool for catching up with your favourite creators too. I have a few lists such as DIY bloggers and Lifestyle bloggers. I’ve added the relevant bloggers to each list and often scroll through these feeds instead of my main one. This way I can quickly see posts from my favourite bloggers together without the distraction of my main feed.

Make the most of reading blogs

I love reading blog posts, whether it’s to discover a new recipe or tips on how to edit my Instagram photos, I always try to click a link if a post interests me. Being a blogger I know how important that click is to stats and appreciate every one. But I was recently chatting to my mum and dad and realised not everyone knows about clicks and bounce rates. If you are reading a post and like the sound of that blogger, click through to another post on their site or have a nosy around. This will decrease the bounce rate and improve the stats, helping that blogger out in the long run.

Don’t avoid affiliate links

One of the ways bloggers can make money through posting online is by posting an affiliate link to a product. They’re either paid per click or per purchase. This doesn’t cost the consumer anything extra but helps that blogger out a lot. I always try and click on affiliate links posted by bloggers or swipe up on Instagram stories to help them out. It’s worth remembering if you’ve clicked an affiliate link but don’t want to purchase it straightaway, just save the link in your browser. That way you can come back to it later. The commission will still go through to the blogger if you use that same link.

How do you support your favourite content creators? I would love to hear if you have any tips for getting the most out of my time online.

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  1. November 21, 2018 / 10:40 am

    Wow, this post has taken the words right out of my mouth! Hope you’re feeling a little less overwhelmed and are finding it good to know there are others feeling the same 🙂

    • anna
      November 24, 2018 / 11:45 pm

      Ah thank you so much. Yes totally. It’s all about managing this crazy online world in a way that suits you.

      Thanks lovely x

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