Simple ways to satisfy your creative soul everyday

Need a little creative uplift?

When I started this blog I set out with a goal to inspire others, whether it was to get crafty and make something cool, or spark an idea for styling a room. I try to keep this in mind every time I create content or write a post, I love having the freedom to create and want to encourage you lovely readers to spread your creative wings too. But what if you want to be creative but don’t always have the time in everyday life. Although you might crave the need to start learning to crochet or want to crack out our paints, sometimes the thought of starting a new hobby can be daunting. I am all about promoting crafts but sometimes you just don’t have a spare moment. I am lucky enough to be able to be creative everyday in my job as a textile designer but with owning a house and extra freelance work on the sides, it’s often hard to dedicate time to spend on big craft projects. So how do you satisfy the creative itch in that odd spare five minutes you might have during the day?

Here’s some tips to get that creative fix in small doses everyday and satisfy your creative soul…

Get your creative edit on

  I am loving the recent trend for more cinematic images that are popping up on Instagram at the moment. Cinematic images are still images with looped movement in areas and I think they are wonderfully imaginative and captivating. They add another dimension to editing photos, allowing you to branch out and really get your mind ticking with ideas. Check out Rabya’s instagram for inspiration, she creates mesmerizing, playful images that are super creative. It’s a wonderfully satisfying way to be creative as you can instantly share beautiful posts online and be inspired by others creating similar content. You can make moving post using apps such as Lumyer or MaskArt, check our Sara’s tutorial here if you fancy giving cinematic images a go!

Create your own style

Personal style is one of my favourite ways to be creative everyday. Not only can putting on an outfit I love, lift my mood on a Monday morning but it can awaken my artistic side too. From mixing colours to adding final touches such as jewellery and accessories, style is all about making something new everyday and I love that. Same goes for make up and hair, I love the way trying out a new eyeshadow or unusual hairstyle can satisfy my inner artist. Plus it’s all part of your day so no extra time needed.

Buy a bullet journal

Bullet journalism is another recent trend I am loving seeing on Insta at the moment. It’s a grown up way of combining your to-do lists with your GCSE art folder. Whether you’re a butterfly mind who loves mess (*raises hand) or a list lover who sticks within the lines, bullet journals are a great outlet for creative minds. Not to mention they are very Instagram-able! Check out Amber’s Instagram for snaps of her beautiful bullet journal. So if a to-list is part of your everyday routine, why not jazz it up and flex your artistic flare at the same time.

Get creative in the kitchen

Trying out a new recipe can be a great way to get your creative juices flowing. I love getting imaginative when it comes to cooking, even if it’s changing a small thing following a recipe, it’s such a great feeling when it turns out well. Baking is great for experimenting as you can decorate and play around with ingredients and you can always lick the spoon after, even if it’s a disaster!

What’s your favourite way to get creative everyday?

Anna x





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  1. February 20, 2018 / 6:27 am

    Great tips! Will try this all this year! Thanks for sharing!

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