DIY | Make Your Own Herb Garden

 I have been looking for a use for all those empty peanut butter jars I have been collecting for a while now, so when I saw an idea to plant herbs in them on Pinterest, I had to give it a go.

Gold wire basket, H&M £9.99

Glass jars


I bought this gold wire basket from H&M home and thought it was a bargain for under a tenner. You could always use some gold spray paint to revamp an old wire basket if you have one lying around the house (check out my wire memo board DIY for tips on using gold spray paint). But this one was already a lovely gold colour which saved me a job. After buying some ready grown herbs from Sainsbury’s, I set about planting them into each jar and adding a little water. 

 I arranged my jars in the wire basket with the largest herbs on the outside and a smaller one in the middle to balance it out. I am going to place my herb garden on the window sill in my kitchen ready for whenever I need them. Why not try buying multiple baskets and hanging them on your kitchen wall with some simple picture hooks and nails. 

And it’s that easy!

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