5 of My Favourite Healthy Cookbooks

Although I have always enjoyed eating good food and living a healthy lifestyle, I have found since moving into my own house I have started to get into cooking a lot more and have been really enjoying it. I love the creativity that comes with making your own meal from scratch and its even better when I know what goes into it is good for me. 

I have picked up quite a few amazing recipe books over the past few years after being recommended by friends. I tend to look for books focusing on nutrition and health rather than diet or low fat as I like the idea of getting as much natural, wellbeing from food that in turn makes your body feel better rather than starving or dieting. All these books are filled with delicious tasty recipes that are filled with goodness, and that’s why I love using them everyday. So if like me you love healthy eating and are looking for something new read on to see my top 5 healthy recipe book recommendations…

Deliciously Ella 

Deliciously Ella EveryDay

I bought Ella’s first book a few years ago and think I have made around 70% of the recipes! I just love her style of cooking, simple, nutritious and healing. She focusing on making the power of plants and every ingredient gives the body energy and nutrients. I would recommend starting with her first book to understand the basics and build up slowly. Her second book is a new favourite of mine, it is filled with easy everyday recipes that use a handful of amazing ingredients for a healthy lifestyle.

Check out her blog for more amazing recipes…


 Get The Glow by Madeleine Shaw

I can’t decide what I love most about this book, the delicious and inspiring recipes or the gorgeous photography that goes along side them! Such a pretty book!

Madeleine is about food being fuel and giving the body energy for working out or an active lifestyle. There are a few more meat and fish recipes in her book than Ella’s which is good if you like a meat based meal every now and then. Her recipes are simple and wholesome whilst being packed with natural goodness. I make her red lentil and tomato stew almost every week, so quick yet filling a healthy.

If you love a sweet treat her recipes are just the best as they are all look totally temping but are all guilt free as they use no unnatural sugars or flavours, just pure plant goodness.

Check out Madeleine’s blog for more info…



Hemsley Hemsey

Although its the biggest book with the most recipes I would say I use it the least and only stick to a handful of recipes from here. I found their recipes quite complex and they use ingredients I don’t tend to buy everyday, but there is still some of my favourite recipes in there, like broccoli fritters which I make most weeks. I would say it’s good for keen veggies and if you are a experienced in the kitchen.


Honestly Healthy  

This is one of the first books I bought that really started my obsession with cooking healthily. Honestly Healthy sees food split into acid and alkaline groups, and depending on the type of food depends on how your body will react or heal towards it. I get very bloated off some foods, so found this book great for calming my digestion and educating me about certain food types. 


I would love to hear your recommendations for healthy cookbooks, as I am always looking for new recipe ideas and tasty treats. 

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