Crochet | Corner to Corner Blanket Part 2 | Decreasing & Finishing

 After starting my blanket and enjoying watching it grow, it was soon time to start decreasing. This is the good thing about the corner to corner blanket, it will always be a perfect square as you work ‘corner to corner’. I started to decrease when my blanket measured 100cm across, follow along as I show you how I finished my project. I learnt this stitch watching Bella Coco’s video which you can find here, to see how I started my blanket check out my last post Corner to Corner Blanket part1 | Casting On and Increasing.

1. Once I completed my last increasing row, I changed colour and slip stitched into the last treble on the row below, then made three more in the next trebles. 

2. I made three chains and three trebles in this last space, to create my first block on the row. 

3. I then slip stitched into the chain three space of the next block on the row below, chained three, then made three trebles. I continued along the row repeating step 3 until I reached the other side.

 4. At the other end, instead of making another block of trebles, I slip stitched in the last chain three space then turned my work over.

5. I then worked back along the last treble block, slip stitching for three.

6. I then continued building blocks along this row by slip stitching in the chain three space on the row below, chaining three, then making three trebles and repeating.

 Half way through decreasing I noticed that where I was changing colour it started to look a little untidy, with the next colour ‘bleeding’ into the last. I solved this problem by using the last colour to start the next row instead. Here’s how I did it.

 1. Once I finished my row of colour, instead of changing yarns straight away, I slip stitched into the last chain three space on the row below then turned my work.

2. I then worked three slip stitches in the same colour back along my last block.

3. I then inserted my hook into the next chain three space, pulling through a loop, leaving me with two loops on my hook.

4. I then changed my yarn colour, pulling a loop through the two on my hook. 

I continued with this colour making a block of chain three, treble three in each space. Decreasing this way gives a neater edge, especially when you are changing colour often like me.

To finish my blanket I continued decreasing a block each time until I was left with one block. I then tied in all my ends before running a simple double crochet around the whole edge to create a boarder.

I love the finished result, I can’t believe how big a blanket I was able to make using these six 100g balls from Bella Coco. The colours work amazingly together and are perfect for creating an ombre effect blanket. Be sure to check out Bella Coco Store here to see the other colourful bundles available.

I would love to here about you festive makes, leave me a comment below or tweet me. 

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