Crochet | Corner to Corner Blanket Part 1 | Casting on & Increasing

I love starting a new project in the winter time. 

There’s something satisfying about snuggling up in front of the fire after a long day with a new ball of wool and crocheting your troubles away. I have wanted to make a blanket for a while so set myself the challenge of making my first corner to corner blanket using these amazing ombre yarns from Bella Coco Store. If you haven’t already, check out Bella Coco for these bundle packs, they are perfect for blankets or throws and come in a range of colour and tones.

This green bundle contains six Style Craft DK 100g balls in:

Pistachio 1822

Greenage 1124

Spring Green 1316

Meadow 1065

Bottle 1009

Green 1116

Check them out here.

To make my corner to corner I followed along with Bella Coco’s You Tube tutorial, her videos are always so clear and easy to understand I was able to pick it up quickly. The idea of a corner to corner blanket is that it slowly grows bigger and bigger, with each row having one more block than the last.

Casting on

1. I chose to start with the pistachio shade from the bundle, making a slip knot and then casting on 6 chains. 

2. Working back along the chain 6, I made a treble stitch in the 4th chain from the hook. Then I trebled in each of the next two chains. This is my first row and I have one block.

3. To start the second row, I turned my work around and chained 6.

4. To work my second row, I repeated step 2 (treble in the 4th chain from the hook, treble in the next two chains).

5. The second row has two blocks on it as apposed to one like the first row, so to make another block, I slip stitched into the the chain 3 space on the row below, then chained 3.

6. In the same space I made 3 trebles to complete the second row.

7. For the third row, I turned my work and repeated steps 3-6 before adding an extra block by repeating steps 5-6. (So that’s chain 6, treble in the 4th stitch from the hook, treble in the next two stitches, slip stitch into the chain 3 space in the row below, chain 3, 3 more trebles in the same space).

For the fourth row, I swapped yarn colours to the greengage shade repeating the steps until I reached the end, I had four blocks altogether.

I continued increasing each row and swapping my yarn colours every two rows to create a beautiful ombre look. I tied in my ends after I changed each colour and snipped off any loose ends. My blanket started to grow quickly at the start and the found it really easy to pick up. This is a simple but rewarding crochet make that you can settle down with whilst watching your favourite Christmas film.

I continued working until my blanket measured 100cm along one side before I started to decrease. Keep an eye out for part 2 of my corner to corner blanket tutorial to see how I started decreasing and finished it off. Check out Bella Coco Store to see more beautiful colour bundles on offer.

What are you making this winter?




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