DIY | Handpainted Ceramic Plates Tutorial

As a fresh start to 2016 I thought I would revive some plain tableware with a pop of colour. Blue is such a big colour in interior design at the moment and is great for adding a touch of Scandinavian style to accessories such as cushions or ceramics. 

Here’s how I turned these plain plates into on trend, statement pieces.

What you will need:

Porcelain Painter maker

Plate or bowl

Hot water and cotton wool

 You can get the porcelain painter marker in many colours, I chose indigo and the 1-2 mm nip size. These pens are perfect for precision painting and let you control your design a lot easier than similar ceramic paints. 

To prep your plates make sure they are clean and free from dust and grease as the pen works best on a clean surface. I used a cotton pad and boiled water to wipe the surface, but I have read that rubbing alcohol works too.


I started out by drawing on in faint pencil lines my design before using the pen.

Start by shaking the pen and pumping the nip to start the ink flowing, then create something beautiful.

Wipe any mistakes up with a damp cotton pad or bud.

Have fun with it, the lines and dots on my designs aren’t perfect but I think it adds character and quirk.


 The ink is touch dry within a few minutes and dish washer safe after 24 hours. The good thing about using a ceramic pen is that you don’t need to coat or finish off the plate afterwards.

What will you create?

I hope this tutorial has inspired you to make something amazing. There really is so many things you could do. Check out my Pinterest board for more inspirations and design ideas.

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