Made By Me | Crochet Cover Up Beach Dress

My latest handmade project is a casual crochet cover up that can be worn on the beach or layered up for a laid back day look. It is a loose fitting tunic top/dress with a wide off the shoulder neckline which I love. 

It was a really quick make and I created the loose holey patterning using one easy stitch. Meaning I could create it almost in auto pilot whist watching telly at night or chilling in the garden. I’d say in total it only took me about 5-6 hours over a couple of weeks.

Carry on reading if you want to see how I made this easy crocheted beach cover…


Here’s how I made it…

I followed a pattern from this book but added a few tweaks to make it my own.

Using a 6mm crochet hook and two stands of double knitting (dk) King Cole bamboo wool in a beautiful soft cream colour,  available here, I cast on 59 chain stitches.

I worked mainly in trebles and chain stitch and created ‘groups’ of three trebles to form the small shell shaped clusters.

Here is how you make the clusters…

1. Hook around the yarn once

2. Through a chain gap and hook round the yarn again, you should have three loops on your hook.

3. Hook around the yarn again and pull through the first two loops to leave two loops on the hook.

4. Hook around the yarn for a final time and pull through both loops and through to create on loop on the hook.

 Repeat this three times to create a cluster in one gap. 

Separate each cluster with a chain stitch.

I continued this pattern until my work measured 60cm and I had two rectangles. I joined the two together by stitching with a large sewing up needle, and finished the edges with double crochet stitch for neatness.

I hope I have inspired you to get creating your own crochet beach garment this weekend. I am looking forward to wearing this on my summer getaway this year!

Where are you heading this summer?

Thanks for reading,

Anna x


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