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 Recently I finished a little project for my mum, a cute canvas to brighten up her kitchen. She has newly redecorated and made some beautiful blinds in lilac floral material to go in the kitchen, I thought I would create a unique piece of wall art with similar colours to those in the blinds. 

After some wall art inspo pinning on Pinterest, I decided to go with a simple lettered canvas that reflects our family well.  

Here’s how you do it…

 Firstly print off some letters in a font you like and some images of tea cups, to around the size of an A4 piece of paper. After cutting them out place them on the canvas arranging them how you like. My canvas is 61cm x 76cm (24”x30”) and only cost around £8.

Draw around the letters.

 I decided to add a tea pot to my work as I thought this was a lovely little touch. I drew mine free hand but you could find some images online easily.

Start to fill in the letters with the colour paint you like. I started with a lilac before adding more grey and white.

Add the finishing touches such as black outlines or highlights to make your letters look 3D. I then painted the remaining canvas white to get rid of any pencil marks or paint splodges. 


Here is the floral pattern on my mum’s blind and the inspiration for the colours used in my wall art. 

I love creating things for friends and family as I know they will really appreciate it and I love seeing how happy it makes them. This project only took me a few hours one rainy sunday afternoon. I have always really enjoyed painting and don’t seem to do enough of it any more, so this project has definitely inspired me to create more art works, as they really do bright up a plain wall.

Here are my top 4 tips for making a white wall stand out without paint!

1. Pictures 

Memories are for sharing and I love having photos of happy times around me. Create colleges or photo walls to remind you to smile! Here are some tips for creating a photo college wall.

2. Bunting

Get crafty and hang some colourful bunting from the ceiling to give a vintage chic look to a plain white wall. I am loving pom pom and tassels at the moment.

3. Inspirational quotes 

Find a message that inspires you and create a feature out of it. Not only will it liven up a plain wall but also inspire you everytime you walk past!

4. Flowers 

If you dont want to stick anything to your wall, simply add a pop of colour by placing fresh flowers in a vase against the wall. Simple, beautiful and interchangeable.

I hope you have enjoyed this little home inspiration posts, for more beautiful interiors check out my pinterest page…


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