Spreading the Cheer & Tips for Staying Stress Free this Festive Season


With only a week until Christmas, I thought I’d surprise my mum with some early festive treats thanks to the lovely people at Cotton Traders. They challenged me to spread some festive cheer this year as part of their ‘Making Christmas Warmer’ campaign’ and I thought it was the perfect chance to spoil her for all her hard work helping me settle in my new house this year. Christmas is such a busy time, it can be easy to forget the special moments and people that do so much for you. This year I want to spread the good vibes and treasure those little things, scroll down to see how Cotton Traders helped me spread the cheer and some tips for a stress free Christmas.















It can often be the most stressful time of the year, but Christmas shouldn’t have to be manic, it’s a time to take advantage of a week off work, spend time with family & make plans for the new year. I often let the craziness of life, work and all that shopping take over, but there’s some little things I do to keep calm.

 Here are my tips for keeping positive and stress free over the festive season.

Take a walk

There’s little I love more than to get outside on a crisp and frosty day. The Christmas holidays are the perfect chance to grab your walking boots and explore. Not only can a big walk clear your head but getting a little daylight on your face can do wonders to lift your mood. I am definitely going to take advantage of not being in the office to get out and walk this Christmas break.

Avoid the Sales

Although the thought of bagging a bargain is more than tempting, I try and avoid the post Christmas sales as all they do is stress me out and I end up buying things I really don’t need. If you are the same, why not give them a miss and instead make some big plans for the new year with the money you have just saved.

Have alcohol free days

Christmas comes hand in hand with parties, gatherings and catch ups and often these come with drinking… a lot. Don’t get me wrong I love the odd glass of mulled wine or two during the festive season but the morning after, not so much. I find alcohol effects my mood and energy so much especially if I drink a few times within a week, and it can be so easy to have a drink just ‘because it’s Christmas’. This is why I am consciously making an effort to have alcohol free days to re-balance my mood and keep me happy. I think I’ll thank myself for it come the new year.

Enjoy the little things

With so many things going on it can be easy not to focus on the small things but often these are the things that make us happy and appreciate life. Take time to enjoy that cup of tea with friends, spare five minutes by the fire or those cosy new socks, because before you know it they can be swallowed up in the festive madness and forgotten. Treasure those little things that make you smile, even note them down and remind yourself of them when you feel the stress taking over.

A big thanks to the Cotton Traders Team for this amazing festive treat.

What will you do to spread the festive cheer this Christmas?



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