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 To me, October means getting out the cosy scarves, oversized jumpers and winter boots ready for the cooler weather. I cleared out my summer clothes last week and made room in my wardrobe for my winter outfits, among the old favourites I get out every year were my favourite Topshop boots. They are super versatile and have seen me through a couple of winters, but I noticed they were looking a little tired this year. I decided to jazz them up for this coming season and jump on board the 70’s trend by doing a little DIY on them. 

 Here’s how I revamped my old black boots into glitter embellished 70’s style boots.

 What I used:

Old boots

Adhesive Stars, Ebay 



Scrap piece of clean cotton

I gave my boots a bit of a wipe down to start so the surface was free from dirt and let them dry. The stars I bought were called HotFix iron on transfers from Ebay and came in packs of five so I bought three packs to make sure there would be enough stars for each shoe, they totaled £7.50. I thought they would be a good choice as the description said these stars were washable up to 60 degrees, and I thought that would help if it rained. They also looked more silver in the description but when they arrived they were a little more purpley toned with flecks of multi colours, but I didn’t mind.

The glitters stars came in strips, so I started by cutting them up and placing them onto my boots to plan where I wanted each star.

When I was happy with the position of the first star I placed it face down (shiny plastic facing up) on to my boot. I then grabbed the cotton scrap and used it to cover the star and surrounding area, this protected the shoes and plastic from the heat of the iron. I turned the iron up to the hottest heat and gently pressed it down over the cotton and star underneath. To make sure the star was adhering well, I moved it slowly over the area for around a minute before lifting the cotton up to check everything was stuck down.

Any corners that were still loose, I recovered and when back over with the the iron for a few more seconds. When I was happy the star was stuck down, I peeled back the top plastic covering to reveal the final glittered star.

 I carried on covering each shoe with stars and working the iron over each one until they were fully stuck down. I cut some in half and placed them near to the base of the shoe to make it appear as if the pattern was part of the fabric. 

Although it is easy once you get the hang if it, this isn’t the quickest DIY it took me about 45 minutes, but it really pays off to be patient to ensure the stars are fully stuck down and won’t fall off. My shoes were a soft leather material and the glue stuck well to this material, a more shiner material might not take the glue as well so its always bet to do a test before hand.

Tah Dah! 

Why not give your old pair of boots a new lease of life this Autumn by revamping them in this 70’s disco style!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, I can’t wait to take these little beauties out for a spin this Autumn!  Leave me a comment below of any other tutorials you would like to see in the future!

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