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It’s wedding season and with that comes celebrations, parties and the much loved hen do’s. 

Recently I hosted a hen party for an old school friend who is due to get married in September. Instead of your traditional night on the town, champagne headache, struggling to walk in heels kinda hen party we decided to throw her a chilled, girly, sunday afternoon  party. Myself and the girls each took responsibility to organise a different activity for the day and yep you guessed it I chose to do a crafty one! Woop!

As it is festival season too, I thought it would be fun for everyone to make a floral headband each. As well as being an easy, laid back activity which we could all do whilst having a chat, the girls would also be able to take their creations home and wear them. 

The perfect group craft activity!

Here’s how I made the DIY hen party activity… 


Fake flowers 


Glue guns


Pom pom makers & wool (optional)

I estimated that the girls would use around 5-6 flowers each and sourced a variety of different shapes and colours. Mine are from Ebay found here and here.

 The headbands were also from Ebay found here. I bought a couple of glue guns and some party bags both from Hobby Craft. I liked the idea of adding pom poms to the headbands to give it extra festival vibes, so provided the girls with some pom pom makers (found here) and yarn which I already had.

How to make the headbands:

I started laying out my flowers around the headband in an order I liked, I went for summery, peaches and pinks in alternating sizes.

My flowers came with a small plastic stem on the bottom which I trimmed with scissors to make it easier and flatter to stick to the headband.

Next I heated up my glue gun and covered the bottom of my flower with a good amount of glue. Remembering where I wanted to place my flower, I pressed the flower down on top of my headband and held for a minute until secure.

 Top tip: Space your flowers out and then work at filling in the gaps with smaller blooms for an even spread across your band. 

Why not add some pom poms like I did? I used a small pom pom maker available here, and some brightly coloured yarn to add a little colour to my garland. 

Who doesn’t love a pom pom, eh?

 For the hen party, I gave the girls a goodie bag each which had a mixture of six different flowers in and one headband then they each shared glue guns and scissors around the table. Scroll down to see a little more from the party!


 This was my idea of a dream hen party, lots of laughs, cake, crafting and not a broken heel in sight!

I hope this has inspired you to get creative when it comes to group or hen party activities! Why not try a paint your own plate afternoon or learning to crochet hen party (made even more hilarious after a glass of wine). 

Have a lovely week, thanks for stopping by!



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  1. July 31, 2018 / 8:48 am

    I love DIY for special occasions especially for a hen party. Great for photos!

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