DIY | Chanel Bag Flower Pot Tutorial

I am always keeping hold of pretty bags I pick up whilst shopping, some of them are just too cute to throw away. So thought I’d show you a little DIY that’s a perfect way to reuse those old gift bags aswell displaying your favourite flowers. 

Fancy making a flower pot out of your favourite brands shopping bag?

Here’s how to make my easy DIY flower holder tutorial…

You will need:

Small shopping/gift bag 
(preferably a strong one that will stand up on its own)

Old plastic bottle or small glass jar 
(small enough to fit inside the bag)

Plastic bag or bin bag

Sticky tape



Small pebble or weight (optional)

Start by making a waterproof barrier inside your bag using a bin bag or carrier bag cut to a few centimeters shorter than your bag. Slot the plastic bag inside your shopping bag then open out so it lines the bottom and up the sides. Secure with a little sticky tap around the top.

Next grab an empty plastic water bottle, and measure it against your bag. Make a cut in the top of the bottle about a quarter of the way down from the cap or until it fits neatly into your bag.

Once it’s sitting neatly in your bag, tape the top to make sure it doesn’t move about, I weighted my bag down with a small pebble as to make sure it doesn’t fall over. If you are using a small glass jar, that should be heavy enough to support the flowers.

All that’s left to do is add a little water to the pot and pop your flowers in. Try it with any other of your favourite brands gift bags, the best ones are those that are strong enough to stand up on there own. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little summer DIY, I love how small tweaks like this can brighten up a room or desk. 

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