DIY | Shibori Cushion with Pom Pom Trim (Quick Zip Method)

Last week I wrote a post about my first experiment with shirbori dying, I loved the results so much that I decided to turn the fabric into a cushion for my spare room. 

I am obsessed with the Moroccan tile trend in interiors, seen everywhere from Homesense to Zara Home this summer, and this cushion fits in perfectly with the rich indigo colour pallets on the high street. The best bit is that this cushion is homemade at a fraction of the cost of the big brand names and really fun to make! 

Here’s how I made my cushion using a quick zip method, which is super easy if you are a beginner at sewing or just a little impatient like me! You can use any patterned fabric for this or if you missed my shibori tie dying tutorial check it out here.

You will need:

 Fabric (approx 1 m)

Cushion inner ( mine is 50×50 cm from here

Pom Pom trimming (2m)


Sewing machine

Fabric glue 

Zip (20 inch)


Seam ripper (these little things...)

All my measurements are to fit a 50 x 50 cm cushion but if you want to make a larger or smaller cushion just adjust them to fit your inner.

Start by cutting two squares of fabric a little bigger than your cushion inner, I added 2cm all the way around my inner to allow for the seam allowances. 

Place the two right sides of the fabric together and pin around the edges to hold in place.

Using a sewing machine and matching thread, sew along one edge of your fabric to create the seam that your zip will go into. Open out the seam so the wrong sides are facing up toward you and fold back the seams.

Grab your zip and place it face down on top of the open seam making sure the edges line up at each end. Pin the zip in place along the sides.

Using a zipper foot if you have one, sew as close to the ‘teeth’ of the zip as you can, securing the zip, seam and cushion in place. Sew all the way along one side, switch sides and do the same along the other side of the zip. Sliding the zip open as you go makes it easier to sew to avoid the bulky ‘head’. You have now created a kind of pocket that your zip is trapped in, but don’t worry the next step is to release it…

Turn your cushion over so the right side is facing you. You should have a lovely seam like the photo above, (hopefully less wonky…).

 Using a seam ripper or small scissors, cut open the middle seam to reveal the zip. This is the seam that you made right at the start.

Once you have revealed the zip all the way along, fold you cushion back so rights sides are facing each other again and sew along the remaining edges. Make sure the zip is open so you can turn you cushion the right way around once done.

Then its the moment of truth…

Turn your cushion the right way out again to make a pouch, then stuff the cushion inner inside! 

Fingers crossed it fits!


Zip it up and you are done! How easy was that? 

To make your cushion even more fabulous, why not add a pom pom trim like I did… 

 I used fabric glue to hold the pom poms in place but you can hand sew or even machine sew them on.

It’s strangely satisfying adding bits to your home that you know you have made yourself. Handmade items add a little personality to a room and I love the feeling of saying I made it when someone asks. 

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial as much as I have making it. There are some many things I could make for my home I just wish I had the time! What have you been making or DIYing for your house this Spring, I’d love to hear, just comment below!

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