DIY | Winter Tealight Holders Tutorial


Is it just me or has it suddenly got a lot more chilly this week? 

After a fairly mild Christmas the good old British weather has taken a turn of the colder and it’s really starting to feel like winter now. So here is a little interior DIY to warm you up and keep you cosy on those dark winter nights…

To make some cute golden tea light holders, you will need:

Glass jars or cups, (mine are from Hobby Craft)

Relief Paint (metallic gold)

Tea Lights

Start by cleaning your glassware with warm water and cotton wool. Once dry, open your paint tube and start the flow of paint. Try testing the paint on paper first then apply to the glass.  

Draw your design out by squeezing the tube and moving slowly.

The ‘intergalactic’ trend features alot in interiors and high street campaigns this winter so I thought I would bring a little stargazing loving into my home with this star shape design.

Top tip: Keep some cotton wool bud on hand to wipe and mistakes away.

My second design is a more simple linear design. Keeping a steady hand was hard but I found resting my hand on a hard surface whist painting really helped. I kinda like the little kinks and imperfections however, after all that’s the beauty of handmade!

Once you are finished leave them to dry for 24 hours before touching the paint, they become fully washable after 3 days. 

Pop a tea light in the bottom and watch the light flicker and dance around the jar. 

Perfect for a cosy night in! 

I have mine on my fireplace and love the way the light makes the little stars light up!

This is an easy and simple way to brighten up you home this winter and these little tea lights also make a unique, peronalised present for friends or family.

Why not give it a go!?

I would love to hear your thoughts on other DIY posts you would like to see on my blog soon! I have really enjoyed doing more interior posts lately but am planning some exciting DIY fashion posts coming soon too, so keep an eye out for those!

Thanks for reading! 



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