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   My favourite time of year is here and I can’t wait to start decorating my new home with lots of handmade festive goodies.

This easy festive DIY is super quick and adds a little Christmas cheer and colour to any room, so why not ditch the tinsel this year and go for a handmade pom pom garland.  

Here’s what you need…

3 or 4 balls of coloured wool 

(double knit or chunky work best)

Pom Pom maker 

(Small to medium available here)


Crochet hook 

(for the garland, ribbon or string also work)

For this tutorial I am using a pom pom maker which makes it so much quicker and easier (similar available here why not ask for one in your stocking?!) but you can use the traditional technique if you don’t have one.

Start by opening up you pom pom maker and wrapping a thread of your chosen yarn around one side. Continue until the arm is full, the tighter you wrap and fuller you make the arm the fluffier and thicker your pom pom will be. Close the arm and begin on the other side…


There’s no need to cut the yarn in between wrapping of each arm just keep going until both arms are full. Close the pom pom maker when you are done then grab your scissors and cut between the separation in each arm.

Once all the threads are cut keep the arms closed in on pom pom to stop the threads falling out. Wrap another piece of yarn around the center gap and tie tightly to secure the threads. Leave a long end so you can weave this into the garland. Then you can take the pom pom maker apart to reveal your finished ball.

Continue and make as many as you like in lots of festive colours! I made about 10.

To make the garland I used a small crochet hook (3.5mm) and chain stitched to create a sting that measured 150cm, but you can make it as long or short as you want.

Once you have your chain and pom poms, start planning how far apart you want each pom pom on the string and leave a little space at each end so you can hang it up. 

I spaced mine out with 10cm between each one and 10cm at each end. 

To attach each pom pom to the garland string, chain excess yarn and slip stitch into the garland before tying off and cutting.

Now all that’s left to do is hang it up for everyone to admire! I think these little pom pom garlands look beaut on the tree or just hanging above a window to add a little colour and cheer to your home this Christmas. Why not make one in a variety of festive colours or go monochrome with a plain gold or silver one.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this DIY post as much as I did writing it. 

This post was inspired by Wren Kitchens  as part of their #24daysofWren festive countdown. 
Can you find me behind one of the advent doors…. 

See more handmade Christmas makes and ideas over on my Pinterest page… 



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