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Last month I was lusting over some really cute bows in every colour & print imaginable in American Apparel. I thought I’d try making one myself in this vintage-style velvety material I found a scrap of in my house. I chose to attach a bobble instead of a clip so I could wear it in a bun or high ponytail. I love how it instantly gives my hair style a quirky update. 

Here’s how I did it …

(I used a sewing machine to sew my bow, however if you don’t have one you can just as easily use glue or hand sew it as there is only a small section to sew together)

Use a scrap of fabric roughly about twice as big as you want the bow to turn out, both in width and height. Mine measured 30cm x 20cm. Cut a smaller piece for the center, again twice as wide. Fold the fabric (the velvet side facing in on its self) in half length ways, and the same for the smaller section, to create two long tubes. 

Sew along the top then turn right side out.

Fold the tube into a parcel so the shortest sides meet in the center (this will become the back). Wrap it up using the smaller tube piece and place your elastic band in the center before pinching tighter to create pleats at the front.

Secure the whole thing using a big needle and matching thread.

(A strong glue will work just as well)

Why not make one in a romantic red velvet ready for that special Valentines date? 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I would love to hear what you have been making in the run up to Valentines day & any suggestions for DIY tutorials you would like to see more of!

Thank you for reading 🙂


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