DIY | Pineapple Print Headband | Tutorial

DIY | Pineapple Print Headband | Tutorial

I am a little obsessed with pineapple prints at the moment. They just
make anything look instantly more cool, fun and summery. I especially love this
print on accessories like clutch bags and headbands. So I thought I’d show you
an easy way to make your own pineapple printed accessory. I have a great headband
from American Apparel that I bought last summer which is made of silky material that has a
flexible wire running through it so you can bend it into a cute bow. I wear it
all the time to keep my hair out of my face in hot whether, so thought I’d make
another in the same style but with this years ‘IT’ print. 

Here’s how I did it.

You will need:

Silky chiffon material or cotton (1 meter will be plenty)

Fabric paints

Thin flexible craft wire

Corrugated cardboard




Sewing machine.

Cut a rectangle of fabric to about 80 x 25 cm. Place it on a
large sheet of scrap paper or card to prevent the fabric paint getting on your workspace.
Pinning the fabric in place will help it to stop it slipping around when

Draw a pineapple shape of your choice on to a piece of card
and cut out. Remember to use your pencil very lightly as mine showed up on the
fabric the first time I did it. You can score certain areas with scissors to
give it a bit of texture when printing. I peeled a layer of cardboard from the
back of my stamp to make a sort of ‘handle’ to hold onto when printing.


Now comes the fun bit. Using a paintbrush, sweep
a generous amount of your fabric paint directly onto the stamp.


Gently place face down onto your fabric and then
press more firmly to ensure your paint is spread evenly. Slowly lift away from
the fabric to reveal your first pineapple print! Re-paint your stamp and carry
on printing the rest of your fabric until you are happy with the out come.



Grab a brew while your paint is drying (mine only took about
30 minutes). Once it is dry, peel away from the card underneath and seal the
colour by ironing the fabric as instructed on your fabric paint pot. 


Now you are ready to sew.

 Fold you fabric in half lengthways but making sure the
printed sides are together.

 Sew two straight rows along the length of the
fabric near the top with about ½ cm gap between each. This will form a ‘pocket’
for you to thread your wire through. A little added neatness you can finish off
the raw edges with a zigzag stitch. Then sew up one end leaving the other open.


Turn your fabric inside out to reveal the right side again.
Thread your wire inside the pocket. Fold the end of the wire over to ensure it doesn’t
snag the fabric as you pass it through. 


Once it is threaded all the way to the other side you can
seal up the last edge by folding the fabric under and top stitching straight
down the side. 


And you are done! All that’s left to do is wrap it around
your hair and twist the wire ends to create a bow.

 I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! I would love to hear about your favourite pineapple print accessories or if you have made a headband like mine 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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