Travel Tuesday | Memoriable Journeys & Favourite City Breaks with My Mum

Travel Memoriable Journeys and city breaks with my mum

Mum’s aren’t celebrated enough, that’s why I love Mother’s Day, it’s the one day a year solely dedicated to celebrating the inspirational leading lady in your life. The amount of times my mum has saved the day, held me together or just out right amazed me, there needs to be one every week in my opinion! 
So lets make the most of the March 26th! 

To help share the love and gratitude I’m taking a trip down memory lane and reminiscing about some amazing mother/daughter road trips I have shared with my mum and best friend, Bev. I am very lucky to have so many fantastic travel memories I have shared with her. It was so hard to pick but I have narrowed it down to a few of my favourites and put together some recommendations if you are looking for the perfect girls weekend.

Travel Tips for Mother Daughter Weekend Away


My most recent adventure with my mum was a trip we took up to Newcastle last year for my 26th birthday. Although Newcastle is only a few hours drive away from me, I had never been before, so it was a nice treat to head somewhere new for a few nights. Bev picked me up from work on the Friday night and we drove up there enjoying a much needed gossip and catch up on the way. Newcastle was a great city for girls weekend as it has plenty of shops, bar and cute tea rooms, I would love to go back. Check out my full post about our weekend in Newcastle to find out more about what we got up to here.


Another of my favourite road trips of last year was when we headed up to Scotland for a weekend last summer. We stayed a few nights in Anstruther, Fife first before heading a few hours down the road into Edingburgh. Anstruther is little town by the sea which is the perfect location for a chilled weekend away. We ate traditional fish and chips, enjoyed ice creams by the sea and drank some local beers. It was so lovely to spend some quality time with my mum and dad since moving out a few months before. If you are looking for a Scottish road trip, make sure the seaside town of Anstruther is on your list!

Travel Tips for Mother Daughter Weekend Away

 Center Parcs
 There was another birthday spent in the car with my mum, for my 21st birthday Bev surprised me with a girly spa day at Center Parcs. I had come home from uni for the weekend and we drove up in the early morning to spend the rest of the day relaxing in the warm September sunshine, dipping our feet in the outdoor hot tub. I remember trying to guess where we were heading as we drove up towards Cumbria. It was the perfect way to spend my birthday, and only an hours drive away from home.

The Trafford Center 

The fondest memories of car journeys with my mum come from Saturday shopping trip to the Trafford center and back. After hours spend on our feet, we would welcome the fourty five minute drive home to catch up and review what we had bought. I used to (and still do) love getting all my purchases out to see what I had bought in the front seat of the car on the way home, I’m too impatient to put them in the boot until I get home. One time we must have raided HMV for the latest CD’s as I remember blasting Enrique Iglasias ‘Hero’ out in Bev’s little blue mini and singing at the top of our voices on the way home. Remembering little things like that make me smile, although I would never remember the clothes I had bought that day, that memory will stay with me forever. It just shows, you can’t put a price on special moments like that. 

Going to Uni
Who can forget the day you move out? 
I couldn’t write a post about memorable journeys without mentioning the day I went to Uni. With what felt like my whole life crammed into the back of my mum’s car, we set off on the two hour journey down to Loughborough to move me into my halls. I remember being sooo nervous and no doubt my mum hated the thought of leaving me, but we still had a laugh and a giggle all the way down, singing along to the radio. 

Travel Tips for Mother Daughter Weekend Away

Travel Tips for Mother Daughter Weekend Away

There are so many memories of fun journeys with my mum, I feel very lucky to have such a supporting family who are with my through life’s adventures!

 I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post, it isn’t my usually DIY post but it has been so fun writing something a little different. 

What are your favourite memories with your family or friends?

Big thanks to the lovely people over at The Car People who inspired the idea behind this post, it has been lovely reminiscing about my favourite car journeys with my mum, check out their Mother’s Day Celebrate Your Mum Campaign.

Oh and don’t forget to treat that special someone on March 26th! 



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