Recipe | Banana & Berry Smoothie Bowl


Social media has been taken over by a new trend in healthy eating and a super Instagram worthy dish…

Move over avocado on toast, say hello to the smoothie bowl! 

We have all seen these colourful bowls of fruit filling up our feeds, but are they any good?

 Having fallen for the mouth watering pictures of overflowing bowls full of berries, seeds and green goodness, I just had to try making one for myself…




Strawberries (120g)

Milk (50ml)

Nut butter (I used peanut butter – 1tbsp)

Dollop of honey

1 tsp chia seeds 

Fruit and nuts to top

To make this yummy bowl I wizzed up one banana with some strawberries, but any sort of berry can be used. I then added a little milk, honey, peanut butter and chia seeds before blending further. The key to these bowls is to not make them too runny. By adding more fruit than milk/liquid give the smoothy a thicker texture like yogurt.

The nut butter adds a creaminess to the bowl making it more like a tasty pudding than a drink. I used crunchy peanut butter which works well with the banana and brings a little saltiness the the dish! 


Once all blended I poured the smoothie into a large bowl and added the toppings, starting with the lightest ones first so they didn’t sink too much before I could take a snap of the finished product.

Add treats like almonds, berries, honey, seeds or fruit to the top to make the bowl a wrk of art!

Now time for the tasting….

Super sweet yet nourishing and healthy this smoothie bowl is a winner! I love breakfasts and this is becoming one of my favorite options due to it being filling and delicious. I love that you can be creative with this dish and add as many ingredients as you want and to suit your taste or diet. Try coconut milk for a plant based option keep out the nut butter if you have an allergy. 

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