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 Hi guys, I am jetting off to Munich, Germany this bank holiday to
visit my brother who lives there and am super excited. 

Having been a couple of
times before, once by myself and again with my mum and dad, I can honestly say
it is one of my absolute favourite cities to visit. This time I am excited to
be going with my boyfriend Tom, who has never visited this beautiful city
before. I can’t wait to show him all the cool beer gardens, amazing views and
historical architecture Munich has to offer.

I have been super keen and already started packing. I need
to make sure what I pack is minimal but will last all weekend. Seeing as I
can only take hand luggage on the plane I need to be organised or I’ll end up
packing things I really don’t need. So I thought I’d share with you some tips on
packing for a short trip to Europe and how I would style up outfits when faced
with limited baggage allowance.

Day dresses and playsuits are the easiest to
pack and style as they are lightweight, cool and can easily be worn with or
without tights depending on the weather. They are also great to wear at night
if you haven’t got time to nip back to hotel and change. I am packing a few in
various prints and materials, this mulberry tartan skater dress is one I made
myself at the beginning of the year from a really simple sewing pattern. It’s
great as the material is durable but lightweight so can be worn all year round. 

As well as day dresses packing a variety of tops that go
with bottoms is a good idea especially if you are going for a few days like
myself, then you have a variety to choose from. I am taking one jersey maxi
skirt that can be worn day or night and three tops that can be mixed and
matched depending on the temperature and time of day.


My denim jacket is perfect for this kind of trip. As it is
late summer and Munich is generally warmer than Britain, I think this lightweight
but stylish Topshop one is great..

. I can throw it on if it is a little cloudy
one day but know I wont get too warm and stuffy in it. It’s also perfect for
late evenings and nights walking home when it might be a bit chilly, plus it
goes with literally anything! Amazing.


Like any city there is loads to see and do in Munich so I
need to prepare for a variety of activities. All my outfits co-ordinate and can
be styled up with each other if any last minute plans come up. It’s a good idea
to cover all weather outcomes too. (Searching for my pac-a-mac as we speak).

I am always in two minds as to whether to take a trusty pair
of jeans or not, they seem to be a fall back for any outfit but take up room if
you don’t wear them. These high waisted Joni jeans however are super lightweight
and go with all three tops I have chosen, so I am packing them just in case. I
am also thinking they will be a lifesaver on the day we choose to hire bikes to
ride around the English Gardens. A dress, a bike, a windy August day and a public
garden seem like a recipe for embarrassment to me. Jeans = modesty intact!


I find accessories the easiest way to make an outfit look
different, if you have limited outfit choices a different statement necklace
can transform the outfit. I am packing two or three of my favourites in various
colours that go with most outfits. If you roll or fold necklaces and other
jewellery up inside clothes it will stop them becoming tangled and protect them
during the journey.

On city breaks it’s a good idea to make sure you have some
really comfy shoes as there is often a lot of walking, exploring and aimlessly
wandering involved and the last thing you need is sore feet all weekend. For my
last city break I went to Prague, which was beautiful. I took snug, lace-up boots,
as it was early spring and a little chilly. They were perfect for wandering
around the cobbled streets but for Munich I need something more suited to the
warm weather.

I have chosen to take these cute, black shoes from Missguided
which are a cross between a sandal and boot and go with all my outfits, as well
as looking good with or without tights, with frilly socks or even bare footed.

I am also taking another pair of sandals, in a cute pastel
blue to liven up my outfits. They are versatile, similar to the black shoes and
super comfy. I might squeeze in a flip-flop as well if I have room at the end
as they weigh little but will be handy if we decided to go to a river or lake for
a BBQ one day.

Just having hand luggage on the plane means I have to
consider the 100 ml limit on liquids and narrow down my beauty products! Eek!
Yes, I did have a mild panic.

Luckily my moisturiser is under 50ml as well as my Drops of
Youth oil and Eye cream to keep my skin nourished.

I have minimised my make up as much as possible only taking
the essentials. I am going to buy smaller versions of my favourite toiletries
as they wont be allowed in my suitcase and I will only need a small amount for
4 days.

I hope this is helpful if you are planning a late summer
getaway anywhere in Europe. I would love to hear if you have visited Munich and
what you thought of it. I can’t wait to show you what we got up to and how I
styled up my outfits when I get back.

Thanks for reading. 

Auf Wiedersehen!



  1. September 12, 2014 / 4:31 pm

    I'm heading off on a city break next week and was having a mental block on what to pack – thanks for your post!

    • September 15, 2014 / 6:33 pm

      Ah thanks for the comment and glad it helped! Where are you heading to? x

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